The Homestead

The Homestead was built by Joe Bowen out of repurposed materials.  Nearly all of the wood, the doors, and stairs came from buildings which were to be destroyed.  Even some of the ornate features, kitchen island, and chandeliers came from other buildings.

There are two rooms available for your Homestead Stay.

Breakfast is served in the Homestead every morning.

Carl McKenzie Room


(repost from IntuOutsiderArt) Carl McKenzie Born 1905 (d. 1998) Wolfe County, Kentucky, lived in Nada, Kentucky. We would without hesitation say that Carl McKenize is one of our favorite self-taught artists from Kentucky. Inspired by Edgar Tolson of the Campton school of Appalachian wood carvers, we think his style was uniquely his own and evolved […]

The Whippoorwhill Room

$125 per night

The Whip-Poor-Will Do you remember, father,– It seems so long ago,– The day we fished together Along the Pocono? At dusk I waited for you, Beside the lumber-mill, And there I heard a hidden bird That chanted, “whip-poor-will,” “_Whippoorwill! whippoorwill!_” Sad and shrill,–“_whippoorwill!_”The place was all deserted; The mill-wheel hung at rest; The lonely star […]

4 thoughts on “The Homestead

  1. we just left the farm- had the best time for our weekend getaway! would highly recommend it to all! Thank you Joe for everything
    Liz and Paul!

  2. We stayed at the B&B this past October and fell in love with it and the countryside. It is a gem in the countryside of Kentucky. Joe was a wonderful host whom we hold in high regard. Many thanks! Hope to return.

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