colors at bowen farm
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Joe, Thank you very much for the hospitality.  We enjoyed staying with you.  Your place is beautiful and my daughter enjoyed splitting firewood with you.  The breakfast was delicious too.  Thank you for building us a fire, we enjoyed sitting and talking with you.  We will definitely come back.

David and Heidi

Joe, This weekend surely was not what I was expecting out of a mother – daughter weekend.  I received a surprise visit from my boyfriend Zack, who I thought was suppose to be in Alaska until December 22nd. If his coming home was not a surprise enough he arranged with my parents to take me on a top secret get away.  All along our journey he never told me what he was going to do, let alone what we were going to do – Zack drove me four hours from Bluffton, Ohio to Red River Gorge, Kentucky.  We arrived to the Bowen Farm Bed and Breakfast on Saturday the 2nd of November.  Earlier that day Zack took me to a beautiful fall lookout point at lovers leap near the Natural Bridge and asked me to take a step further with him in our relationship.  He proposed and I said, “What do you think.”  With a tear in my eye I said “Yes.” without a question in my heart.  Later that night you shared with Zack and I a piece of your life that you haven’t shared with many others and I recommend it to any couple or family that comes to stay here at the Bowen Bed and Breakfast.  That walk up your backyard mountain was humbling and serene.  A beautiful God created site that neither of us will forget.  Thank you for your hospitality, words of kindness, stories, and friendly fires.  We enjoyed our time thoroughly and hope to come back again.

Beth and Zack (Ohio)

This is a house, not of boards and bricks, but of stories.  The lives, the experiences, the voices of so many are held within these walls, and if you listen closely, you can hear them reaching out, the past meets the present.  After only one day of staying here, I have discovered more about my region, my country, and my own place in it.  Thank you for taking what was old and giving it new life, so the story will continue.

Jules (Tennessee)

Joe, your house is beautiful, homey, inviting and comfortable.  It will touch a lot of people like it has in the past and create a legacy just like you did.  I hope to come and visit the B and B several times.

Jan Van Geyt (Belgium)

I’m staying in a beehive, built from materials and traditions, built for possibility, built without plan, built with vision – everyday scouts arrive with nectar and news.  The hive is a nursery too, where new generations are nourished into adulthood.  This hive is different, it grows by welcoming new members, and their new ideas, which always seem to build in new patterns that Joe shares in the form of old stories and stored up wisdom.  In one way, the hive is not a house, it is the heart of Joe, and always will be.

Richard Geer (Colorado)

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. What an amazing experience to have “discovered Joe and his Bowen Farm B&B – truer gems are not to be found. You, and “your little piece of Heaven” have truly touched my heart……and I left feeling my spirit renewed and with my soul singing!! We will be seeing you again, dear Sir…..and I can’t wait.

  2. Joe: Until my visit, spending an evening (or two), I, as for many, could not realize the; beauty of the Eastern Kentucky Foothills and The Red River Gorge … The Spectacular Colors of Fall and The Anticipation I felt during The Springtime is not matched elsewhere.
    Thank you ! Sincerely, for the vision which allowed you the courage and energy to create such a lovely place as The Bowen Farm, Bed and Breakfast. My family will look forward to many future visits and relaxing moments to sit, talk and share the Best of Times …
    – Barbara Borgmann, Attorney (Ohio)

  3. This is the first time we visit the red river gorge. It has been a great experience. We truly enjoyed these three days hiking, and stayed in Joe’s cozy farm house and discovered amazing stories about Joe and his family history. We love to come back some time in the future. Thank you Joe!

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