Carl McKenzie Room


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Carl McKenzie

Born 1905 (d. 1998) Wolfe County, Kentucky, lived in Nada, Kentucky.

We would without hesitation say that Carl McKenize is one of our favorite self-taught artists from Kentucky. Inspired by Edgar Tolson of the Campton school of Appalachian wood carvers, we think his style was uniquely his own and evolved over time. The characters or personalities of his figures translated, whether he was carving Adam & Eve, one of his topless waitresses, a postman, or a nurse. His technique and materials use was resourceful, he showed further innovation with his use of split or feathered twigs as paint brushes.

Our introduction to Carl McKenzies’s work, like so many other artists in our collection, was through Arthur Jones and his gallery,Art Jones Gallery. We purchased several of McKenzie’s colorful, patterned painted figures, “Sue,” a “Hunter,” and a “Student” dated 1986, 1986, and 1987, during the period between 1988-1990. (read more here)