The Derby Marathon Registration

I am excited about this Rugged Red race! I am so excited that I pulled the boys out of school for two days and headed to Louisville, Kentucky. We headed to the Convention Center for the Derby Marathon registration pick up. We were not going to be racing, but we were going to convince those runners to come and race in our Rugged Red. Eric Patrick Marr came through for us with a great set up to attract attention… a 10 foot banner of the Red River Gorge. It is just a half marathon in comparison, but it is much more challenging in the fact that it is on a trail in the Red River Gorge from Chimney Top, through Rough Trail, Koomer Ridge, Buck Trail, Sheltowee Trace and Bison Way to finish at the Gladie Center.

My boys, Kyle and Jan, put on the charm and helped me get signatures. It was a two day event and we got there just after noon on the first day. Registration did not start until 4:00pm. To cool the boredom from the boys grunts and moans, we took a tour of downtown Louisville. I showed them a few neat places in the city, and made a return tourist trip the next morning before we needed to set up the booth for the Rugged Red. At the end of the registration pick-up, we went to my daughter, Natalie’s home to sleep, but not before socializing with two of my daughters and letting one of them, Lonna, and four of her kids spend some time with her fifth, my grandson Kyle. She has been gracious enough to let him stay with me and keep me company.

My daughters suggested that we visit the 21c hotel down on Main Street for some eye opening art. Boy they were not wrong! In front of the hotel stands a golden 30 foot statue of David. The David of Michelangelo. It was incredible and the art in the museum (part of the hotel) was unforgettable. We definitely got our culture for the day.

After our tour of the city and art, we headed back to the convention center to promote the Rugged Red some more. We got 500 interested people. I really believe this will be a success and annual event. It is an adventure, challenge and a divine way to commune with the earth.